This page details the Club's terms and conditions about club membership, key tags, payment of fees, visitors' fees, communications and code of conduct.

Club Membership

Acceptance of membership applications is solely at the Club's discretion. The club reserves the right of refusal. Once accepted members must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the club as set out in member notices and information.

Key tags

All new members requiring a key tag will pay $10 per tag ($20 for pay per play members). Replacement cost for lost tag is $10 ($20 for pay per play). Key tags are issued to members only and under no circumstance to be loaned to non-members.

Key tags for junior members aged under 14 years are issued in the child's name to the parent, who is responsible for ensuring the child is not allowed on the club premises unless actively supervised by an adult. Misuse of the practice or visitor features on squash key tags will result in automatic suspension of all playing rights.

Payment of Subscription Fees 

Membership renewals are due either on 1 April, or 1 October. A renewal invoice will be sent to all current members as per the contact details held on the membership database at the time. It is the responsibility of the member to advise the Club Manager of any change in contact details during the course of the year.

If no payment is not received within 30 days after the due date, the tag will be disabled. If payment is made after 31 days a $10 administration fee will be incurred to renew the tag.

Members paying by 4 x monthly 'automatic payment instalments' are responsible for making full payment and ensuring payments stop when the full amount is paid. If payment of membership is not paid in full, tag access will be disabled and the balance invoiced to the member.

Visitors' Fees

Members are responsible for ensuring payment of visitors fees ($5 for Tennis and $7 for Squash per session) by guests using the facilities. For tennis, the fee can be placed in a Visitors Fee envelope in the club foyer, with members name written on and posted into the 'Letters' slot upstairs by the ladies changing rooms, or deposited in the club bank account. For squash, visitors fees will be charged to your Hello Club membership account. Failure to pay visitors fees will result in the member being invoiced for the relevant amount, and in the event payment is not forthcoming the Club reserves the right to suspend playing rights.


The membership register will never be shared with any organisation other than district and national tennis and squash bodies.

The prime medium used by the club for communication with members is email.  By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to receive emails from the club from time to time regarding club matters.  The club will endeavour to keep the number of emails to a minimum but often needs to let members know of important events and other matters at short notice.  You have the option to opt out of receiving club emails but it might mean that you will miss out on important information.  Opting out is therefore at your own risk.

The club operates an on-line court booking system.  By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to having your contact details recorded in this system so that other members can book games with you.  Only members are able to access the court booking system.

Code of Conduct

The Club's Code of Conduct describes the expectations the Club has for the behaviour of members, while at the Club and when representing the Club, and the process through which the Management Committee will handle any complaints. Please ensure you are aware of these expectations; they are in place to ensure we maintain the high standards and good reputation the Club is known for.