Our current club membership prices are shown on this page. You can access our on-line application form here.

     $/y (incl GST)

Full family (squash & tennis)

Squash Senior (18+) 365
  Couple 599
  Student 205
  Associate 110
  Corporate membership (2 key tags) 650
  Midweek 165
  Junior 12-18y 115
  Junior under 12y 91
  Squash Pay-per-Play (1 hour) 10
Tennis Senior (18+) 269
  Couple 460
  Student 205
  Midweek 135
  Associate 100
  Junor 12-18 115
  Junior under 12y 91
Other  Standard key tag 15
  Pay-per-play key tag 20
  Visitor fees, tennis, per person (1hr) 10
  Visitor fees, squash, per person (1hr) 10
  Social membership (annual fee) 30 



Full Family: up to two adults and any number of school (or pre-school) children residing at the same address

Couple:  two adults living together in the nature of marriage at the same address

Student: must be enrolled in full time tertiary study and present Student ID on joining

Associate: full senior member of another squash or tennis club

Visitor: a non-member who uses the facilities as a guest of a club member

Payment methods

We have a payment on line system for memberships. This is integrated with our ‘Hello Club’ club management system which will send you payment advice and instructions by email.


Squash memberships include tennis (except for occasional one-off promotions which may be for squash only).

Junior and student memberships include squash and tennis. No split options available.

A Family discount of 10% is applied to the sum of the relevant annual adult and/or junior fee(s) as above. This is available for two or more members of a family living at the same address but does not apply to Full Family or Squash or Tennis Couples which are already discounted.

Squash Pay per Play requires a membership key tag which you can purchase for $10.  Games are then charged to your Hello Club account at a rate of $10 per game.

Other than the exceptions outlined below, all subscriptions entitle members to the following:

  • issue of a security access key tag
  • play at any time (other than booked times)
  • play any other member or visitor
  • bring visitors (member liable and responsible for payment of appropriate visitor's fees)
  • access to club lounge and bathroom facilities

The following playing restrictions apply:

Squash Midweek Use of courts Monday to Friday until 5pm only. Not possible to play interclub or tournaments.

Tennis Midweek: Use of courts Monday to Friday until 5pm, plus access to one mid-week club night per week.  May play midweek interclub only. No use of courts during weekends.

Squash Pay-per-Play: Not possible to play interclub or tournaments.  May use courts at any time.

Juniors under 14 yrs: No visitor and practice rights for squash and no access to courts or facilities unless with an adult.

Social: No playing rights.  Allows patronage at our bar.

You can apply to join the club on-line.  Simply fill in the form below and click the Submit button.  

This page details the Club's terms and conditions about club membership, key tags, payment of fees, visitors' fees, communications and code of conduct.

The club is grateful for support from a wide range of businesses and can tailor sponsorship arrangements to meet your requirements.