COVID-19 Protection

With Wellington now in Orange under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, people can continue to do everyday activities, but there are restrictions in place to limit the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable people. Our Management Committee has met to discuss what this means for us as a club and what changes we need to make in order to operate as normally as possible as a club at level Orange. We have agreed that we will require:

1.    All members to be vaccinated or exempt from vaccination (under the government rules) to access any of the club facilities or be on site at the club. This requirement will be enforced by the club from Saturday 11th December 2021.

2.    For members, vaccination passports must be provided to the club for verification by 11 December. 

3.    Members may continue to bring visitors to the club. However, it is the member’s responsibility to sight their visitor’s vaccine passport. We cannot stress enough the importance of this occurring to ensure collective responsibility so our facility can remain open to operate as per normal.

4.    For corporate members, it will be the responsibility of the membership holder to ensure that all visitors to the club are vaccinated and their vaccine passports have been sighted.

5.    There will be further obligations put in place for contractors, coaches, and public visitors to the club to ensure that we remain compliant as a facility.

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